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Sig Sauer P220 review

Sig Sauer P220 Equinox
Gun Review

By Dan S. Defense

The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox is built in the SIG SAUER Custom Shop. The master gunsmiths that work there design special, limited edition guns that underscore SIG SAUER's quality, ascetics and reliability. The P220 Equinox is named after the balance between day and night. It is a 45 ACP semi automatic handgun that can shoot in single and double action.

The P220 SIG SAUER Action and Finish:

To shoot in single or double action means that pulling the trigger will cock the hammer all the way back and then drop it in the chamber. If the chamber is loaded, the SIG SAUER will go bang. If you look at the picture of my SIG SAUER P220 Equinox, you'll notice that the color of the Equinox isn't the same everywhere. In fact, you'll notice the two tone design which makes the Equinox stand out. The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox uses black, hard-anodized alloy frame and a stainless steel slide.

The two-tone effect of the SIG SAUER P220 is made by polishing the sides of the slide. It looks much better in real life than in the picture. Because the frame is made from an alloy, the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox isn't as heavy as most of my 1911 handguns. But good looks isn't a good enough reason for purchasing a self defense handgun. And the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox has lots to offer in the way of features.

The P220 SIG SAUER Sights:

My favorite feature on the P220 SIG SAUER are the sights. The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox has a TFO TruGlo front sight. TFO stands for Tritium Fiber Optics, which means that the Fiber Optics will glow during the day, and the Tritium will glow at night. I'm a big fan of TFO sights and have them installed on a few of my handguns. If you want to learn more about night sights, read my article on whether or not night sights are right for you.

The P220 SIG SAUER Grips:

The P220 SIG SAUER has excellent wood grips which are made from laminated wood and offer a great, solid platform for grabbing the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox. I got the grip wet before one of my range sessions and didn't feel any difference while shooting. As you can see in the picture, they are as beautiful as they are functional.

The P220 SIG SAUER Rail:

The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox also has a rail for the accessory of your choice, typically a light or laser. In my case I opted for both and installed a Surefire X400 light and laser combination. The slide serrations offer a solid grip for loading, unloading and chamber checks.

The P220 SIG SAUER Trigger:

As you know the trigger is a critical component in handguns accuracy. Smooth, crisp triggers aid in accuracy and the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox has an excellent trigger. The double action trigger pull is listed as 10lb, but it feels much lighter. The single action trigger pull is 4.4lb and has a clean break with no creep.

The P220 SIG SAUER Safety Feature:

The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox as most SIG SAUER handguns comes with no external safety. It has a de-cocker which allows you to load a bullet into the chamber and then lower the hammer safely back down. This allows the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox to be fired in double action. This safety feature makes the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox a perfect home defense handgun.

The ability to leave the handgun loaded in a safe manner is a huge plus as it allows you the ability to fire instantly if needed, without having to release a manual trigger. Remember that the best safety is the one between your ears. If that safety malfunctions, no other mechanical safety will be of any use to you. Back on topic, the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox is my home defense handgun.

The P220 SIG SAUER General Specifications:

The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox is a 45 ACP handgun. It ships with two eight round magazines that are reliable and tough. I keep my magazines fully loaded and they are as tight and solid now as they were when I bought my SIG SAUER P220 Equinox, many months ago. You can also get an extended ten round magazine, but it's pretty bulky and not very comfortable to carry.

Still, it's an option for those who want two additional 45 ACP rounds. The magazine release of the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox seems to be slightly extended and is easy to reach without changing your grip on the handgun. The barrel of the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox is 4.4" long, just like the P226R, and though it is shorter than the 5" 1911 barrel I'm used to, it is just as accurate. In fact, the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox is more accurate than I am.

The P220 SIG SAUER Accuracy:

The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox is accurate and easy to shoot. Great grip, well balanced parts, a very good trigger and superb ergonomics makes even heavier 45 ACP loads simple and fun. I have a light weight 45 ACP short barrel revolver which kicks like a mule, and isn't much fun to shoot. The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox, on the other hand, is a pleasure to shoot.

P220 SIG SAUER Conceal Carry and Holsters:

When it comes to conceal carry, the size and weight of the handgun make a difference if you carry all day. The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox weighs 30.4oz and is easy to carry with a good holster. I have several holsters for the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox, but the best ones come from Haugen Handgun Leather, which is located in Bismarck, North Dakota and is only a few clicks away with your favorite browser. Jerry Haugen builds one holster at the time, and wait-times for his works of art is very long. Still, after you buy one and use it, you'll be hard pressed to find a better one.

In any case, in summer I use an IWB holster and in winter an OWB. The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox seems to be happy in both. I just ordered a new holster for the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox and a Surefire X400. On the topic of holsters, there's an additional holster I use in summertime from Cross Breed Holsters. They are advertised as "the ugliest holsters", but they don't look too bad and they work really well. The The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox likes the Cross Breed too.

Is the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox worth the money?

We looked at features and we looked at usability, but we have one last question to address. Is the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox worth the money?

That's a question only you can answer. It is an expensive gun, but the quality, reliability and, yes, the good looks make it worth every cent to me.

I know there are folks who are philosophically opposed to spending more than some magic number on a gun, or anything else. I'm not like that, and so the answer for me is an unqualified yes. I have owned several SIG SAUER handguns over the years and always found them to be rock solid reliable, without exception. I have never had any problem with the The SIG SAUER P220 Equinox or the SIG SAUER P226R. In fact, I gave my wife a The SIG SAUER P229, which ought to tell you what I think of SIG SAUER handguns. And that's from a guy who mostly carries a 1911.

I hope that you found this article interesting, and that it gave you a good look into the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox. If you are in the market for a strong 45 ACP double action semi automatic, the SIG SAUER P220 Equinox is well worth looking into.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert

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