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Defending your dog from a dog attack
How to Defend Yourself
in a Dog Attack

By Dan S Defense

Every now and then you read about a person who gets attacked by a vicious large dog. Dog attacks are not the norm, and dog attacks are rarely life threatening, but large dog attacks can cause significant pain. In the case of rabbis, sever health problems can ensue, in addition to pain and suffering. In this article we'll discuss ways to stop a dog attack, or if an attack is imminent, tips for defending yourself against the attacking dog.

Dogs are social and domesticated animals. The vast majority of dogs, large or small, will have an inherit respect and fear of humans. So why do dogs attack humans? Dogs could attack if provoked, scared or if they suffer from an ailment such as rabies--a terrible viral infection that attacks the nervous system. We'll start with the latter, because that is the most sever and threatening situation and then address other ideas for defending against an attacking dog.

If you are attacked by a dog who's suffering from rabies, you must know that you are dealing with an animal that's lost all sense of fear. The animal is suffering and it's mad. First, don't turn your back to the animal. You need to focus on the situation and not lose your nerve. If you turn and run, you'll most likely be attacked, bittern and probably infected by the rabbis virus.

Try to stand still and slowly cover as much skin area as possible, by rolling down sleeves, wearing your coat, gloves or any other garment that can offer some buffer from the animal's teeth. See if you have anything on your person that can be used as a striking weapon. An umbrella, a purse or even a backpack can be used to strike at the animal's face, where the nose is the target since it's a highly sensitive area. Remember that your main goal is not to attack but safely retreat, hitting only to present biting.

If the attacking dog is not foaming at the mouth, you are most likely dealing with an excited, defensive or scared animal. Again, don't turn and run since the animal will most likely attack. Face the animal; appear as confident as you can. Stand up straight and tall. Don't scream in a panic—remain in control—and with a firm and commending voice say "NO" and "Go AWAY".

Remember that animals can sense and smell fear. You are bigger and stronger and you need to project that fact to the animal. If the animal persists with aggressive behavior and advances toward you, be prepared to strike first. Your legs are both powerful and long. A well placed kick, again using deliberate action, into the rib cage or head will probably send the dog running away. At the same time, have something in your hand and be ready to use your hands if the animal jumps on you. In that case a strong blow to the nose area, coming from above to avoid the teeth, will generate severe pain in the attacker. Follow-up with a kick if need be and you'll chase the attacker away.

Dog attacks are not common but they do happen. If you are attacked, protect your face, neck and hands and use your legs as much as possible. Project confidence and act in a deliberate manner. Remember that pray is weak therefore attempts to flee while screaming. You are stronger and bigger than the dog. You are also smarter and with those advantages and brute force you'll be able to defend yourself efficiently.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert! Comments?

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